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Live Composting Worms

Having a worm farm is very rewarding as It is a wonderful way to connect to nature and it also helps to close a waste loop. Back to the basics, I say!

Composting worms can be your best friend in the garden-food forest, as they turn food scraps into a natural organic fertilizer called worm castings. I like to call these worm castings, black gold which is technically worm poop. The black gold or worm poop contains tons of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and concentrated nitrates.

When adding these worm castings to your plants or fruit trees you will realize that a little goes a long way! It can even increase your plant’s or tree’s yield giving a larger and healthier harvest. You can also think of it as a soil conditioner (feeding the soil) as it truly can amend poor soil and even turn the worst growing mediums into a rich life-giving source.

The worms do all the work and you reap the benefits. Imagine that! If you are interested in getting a bulk quantity of live composting worms to really make a dent in your food scraps as well as start producing some black gold (worm castings) for your plants or trees then I recommend getting a bulk amount. I started with 2000+. However, you can start with as little as 1000+. Below is a link for bulk 2 pounds (approx. 1200 composting worms).

So what are you waiting for? Get started today by purchasing your composting worms here!