About Me

by Angela

My journey started as an Artist-Chef by Profession and business owner for over 20 years… 

Although it has been very rewarding it doesn’t come close to being truly connected to and in touch with nature, going back to my Roots!

I am so thankful to say that I am living my dreams as a Permaculture Designer-Gardener-Creator.  Making an Impact while doing something that I am most passionate about.  I believe this IS my calling!  My Purpose!

My dream is to inspire as many as I can to create a Garden of Eden in their homes, communities, towns, cities, and so on….

Creating a food forest and growing your own food is much easier than you think!  I want to inspire you and show you how! So follow along on this journey.

I have answered the Call!  My vision is to change the world through awareness and inspiration.  Sharing Permaculture and the natural methods that can be adopted in our everyday lives. I believe this will allow us to move forward into a green and life-giving regenerative future.  A future that is full of abundance and one that is self sustaining. 

Working with nature and all of its inhabitants just like the Garden of Eden.  I believe we can make the change by being the change.  I believe we can!  I believe you can!

Angela – 4the Love Of Garden